i want a good squall
from time-to-time
or an untamed horse

or music in the raw
hours of the morning.
occasional outbursts.
temporary detours.

i'm just saying
the intrusion of entropy
is not unwelcome

when it comes
notice the noise

when it goes away
notice the remains.

that star again

it was the end of an era
and so no one bothered
to pay attention
for a number of reasons
in no preferential
decades of propaganda,
job, etc.

myself included.

i stayed up all night
to catch the whimper of dawn.

there's that star again


i thought there was a clear way
marked out through the brush
but now i am inside it
nothing is clear.
it would be better
if there was no daylight
to see with.
then i wouldn't be trying to see;
then i might not be lost.

they say rats figure it out
all the time
they say dolphins muddle through
wearing blindfolds
and nothing else.

oh well

i know you will teach me

like sandpaper
or the marvelous work of magicians

things are wearing thin

you can hear the wind
trying to break in the door
you can feel the shimmer
dancing on the breeze.

this is more than a dream
this is less than being awake
this is the test
artificial intelligence
is born to fail,
the moment when you could walk
inside me.
the crazy thing about humans
this is what you did.

there is a way of saying things
that makes mountains move,
that drowns the doubting heart
and i am still learning
how to say it right.

i know you will teach me


i think time
has had enough of me
yet i cannot find
time to say
what matters
the rhythm just feels

if time is serious
than so should we

take our smiling
just as seriously
take our laughter
like grains of sea salt
fully surrendered
to the moon

oh yes
we could take
the happiness
that does not grow
on trees
and breed
new saplings
that will bend in breezes
seek out the sunshine
grow to define
new ways to be free.

don't need time
for that.

i still forget

there is no moon
so the artificial lights
look more real

it takes more than eyes
to tell the difference
and last night
i could tell
there was a phone call
that never came
and there was a message
in that

years is not enough
i still forget

there is no use
living how you believe
unless you live alone

i was supposed to pretend.
i was never good at that.


the way you looked at me that night
anyone would have thought
the moon was losing orbit.
the clouds had begun
to come and go at your whim.

it is not often your eyes leave
themselves unprotected long enough
to climb a ladder to the mind.
now you are gone
leaving behind faith whiffs
of memory that travel

like elderly drivers.
i am forced to move slow
through a pack of them,
take turns with caution,
learn to pay attention.
and use my blinkers.
when they do something
unusual just pretend
you knew what was coming
all along. i didn't.

the bees are busy

the bees are busy
in your front yard
and normally
the normal things
like bees
wouldn't mean much
yet this timepiece
we call home
gets stranger by the day
i have learned
there are people
who make a living
counting bees
because the bees are disappearing.
they're not counting
in your front yard
where many bees are quite busy.
i will take it as a sign
you protest too much.
deep in the center
of all things
that didn't go right
you are
even the animals know it.

flyover country

there were days the land kept going
like an ocean.
if you were stuck
there was no way to forget.

others would pass on warnings
about what came after the trees die.
they said it was a sad time
because only trees could hide

the ugliness that humans make
out of pure economic necessity.
there's no protection from the wind
or the shame of being awake.

there were days the land kept going
until nightfall.
those are the nights
you drink to stay alive.