Peter Barnes (periol) wrote,
Peter Barnes


i only have so many words left
and i'm tired of waiting
to say what i mean
i mean what i say
which is that i'm tired of
except where it matters more,
inside the face of the other.

and yes, i'm aware it's ridiculous of me
to think out loud
but i believe in something
and for the first time
i feel there's something to be done
and it doesn't start with big plans
to change the world
or become famous
it starts in the heart.
see i said it's ridiculous
but i believe
it's true
and when i say that
i don't take belief lightly
there are so many things
i don't believe
like the history they taught us
or religion or television or government
or the economy or the moon
or that anything anywhere is real
because everything everywhere
is more than real.

and it's not that i don't believe
in my own greatness
which is crouched
in the corner
to turn kinetic
it's that i believe in your own greatness
coming around the bend
and it's not that i don't believe in heaven
it's that i don't believe we should wait
you could call it hedging my bets.
and it's not that i've drawn a beam
on what heaven
on earth
should look like
but i certainly know
it's not what we have now
and the only way
to even make a start
at righting the ship
is to start
inside the face of the other
the waves have been saying
we are all just reconstituted water
and rock
so it's more important
for me to be happy with you
than anything in the world
i guess i mean
to make happy
and live happy
and sleep happy.

that happy is a big word in disguise.
it means being honest
and healthy and living
in peace. and those are all big words
too big to explain
but the only way to make something trendy
is to start a trend
so start one you can believe in
when you look inside me
and i'll start one to believe in
when i look inside you
because you know that i know
that you know that i know
that you know
it's all propaganda
and there's no copyright
on making a new reality
where this world is not made
of commodities
where we admit the truth about ourselves
we are all ridiculous
all the politicians
all the actors and actresses, musicians
and musicianetttes, all the plumbers and doormen
and office workers and executives
and their assistants
and the moms and the dads
all the fathers and mothers
all the teachers and carpenters
and day laborers and homeless
we are all fucking ridiculous
clowning around
and only some of us
are crazy enough to have figured this out.
it doesn't fucking matter.
stop looking in the mirror.
look at me.
let me look at you.
let's make fairy tales
real together.
you and me.
me and you.
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