Peter Barnes (periol) wrote,
Peter Barnes

the moon is smiling

the moon is smiling
from the steps of my trailer
or is it on the steps of my trailer?
perspective is a funny thing.

i'm just glad she's happy
because i'm tense
and like her
i've been out playing
with other planets.

i can see the moon
has the right attitude.
planets come and planets go,
and nothing ever really changes.
but dancing is fun.

i like that she is dancing
with venus now
because the world does need to be reminded
to love
pretty much all the time
things really should be
more fun.

maybe it's time
to actually unwind,
join up with the dance
for an hour or ten,
become an artificial satellite
so the moon won't be lonely
on nights
the planets aren't around
to make her smile.
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